Indonesia - Banyan Tree - Natural [CANADA - USA]

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Origin: Indonesia
Region: Ciwidey, West Java
Producer: Dudy A Busyori
Variety: Sigararutang & Lini S
Processing Method: Natural
Notes: Blackberry, Mangosteen, Chocolate Key Lime.
IMPRESSIONS: Bright, Juicy, Fragrant, Sweet

Roast: Filter

Bag Size (g): 250g

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Bright and juicy, the cup starts with blackberry and mangosteen notes, then flows into a sweet citrus and chocolatey finish. We noticed a beautiful perfume-like fragrance that transcends the entire experience of this coffee, from whole bean > ground coffee > brewing > cup.

This tells us that the coffee was produced with the utmost care and attention. Take everything you know about coffee from Indonesia and throw it overboard! The Sigararutang & Lini S varietal was produced by Dudy A Busyori in the coffee regions of Ciwidey in West Java, Indonesia. This coffee is part of our Transparent Origin lineup, in which we share the price paid to coffee producers.


Ciwidey is a small town just southeast of Indonesia’s fourth largest city, Bandung. Bandung is located on the western side of Indonesia’s most populous island, Java, surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Pak (sir) Dudy A. Busyori is the lead farmer and processor for this coffee, a multi-varietal lot of both Sigararutang and Lini S. His plantation is deep in a forest about an hour outside of Ciwidey. Pak Dudy’s washing station Kebun Bintoha is situated directly behind his home and roastery on about 1 acre of land. Pak Dudy is very generous with his time. He loves to drink coffee, train other farmers in roasting and cupping, and he is an off-road enthusiast who loves camping and adventuring into the jungle with his kids.

Altitude: 1430 masl
Harvest: August 2020
Farmgate Price: USD $4.17/lb
Imported by: Cahaya Coffee
Cup score: 86.0