Five Ways to Re-Use Your Coffee Grounds

If you are like us and drink a ton of coffee, you likely have a lot of used coffee grounds to dispose of!

Here is a quick video for the visual types, but read on for the full list:

FIVE DIFFERENT WAYS that you can use these coffee grounds after making a nice brew at home.


Coffee grounds break down in soil, releasing nitrogen and other nutrients that are more readily available for the plants.

That being said, avoid putting too much on the smaller sprouts or the caffeine may do more harm than good – remember, it is a natural defence mechanism of the coffee plant.

The bigger plants should be fine, and the coffee grounds also bring the PH of the soil up a bit. Fortunately, that is good for most veggies.


If any pots and pans are giving you particular trouble, try sprinkling a bit of coffee grounds on your sponge along with the soap.

It is much less abrasive than something like steel wool, but will still give that stuck-on grease a good run for its money.


Fill up a small bowl and stick it in the back of your fridge to help with any stinky odours that have been lingering.

Maybe now would be a good time to give your fridge a proper cleaning, but this will help in the meantime. In fact, try sticking a bowl in any stinky places around your house.


Coffee can give a nice vintage feel to paper and clothes or any sort of fabric that you want to give a new look. Just put a pot of water to boil on the stove and load in the coffee grounds.

I decided to throw in an old sweater for around 20 minutes that already had a few stains on it. I then hosed it off and left it out to dry.

If you are using paper, make sure it has a bit of thickness to it so it does not fall apart to easily when it is wet.


You can make your own body scrub with coffee grounds by mixing:

- 5 parts coffee grounds,
- 3 parts coconut oil
- 1 part cinnamon

The roughness of the grounds helps remove dead skin and clean out dirt, and the antioxidants in the caffeine actually helps improve blood circulation near the skin.

Cinnamon has antibacterial properties to protect the skin, and coconut oil is a great moisturizer. Just make sure if you're scrubbing your scalp, give your hair a good wash afterwards unless you want coffee grounds in your hair all day.

BONUS / For the foodies out there!

A pinch of coffee grounds over ice cream, maybe even with a splash of rum –YUM – just make sure you do not mix it up with the potting soil!